Achieving Your Best Body the Chris Hemsworth Way

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Whether your goal is to bulk up, slim down, or get fit somewhere in between those two extremes, Chris Hemsworth has done it and done it well. He may have the benefit of a live-in trainer and endless hours to devote to his physique, but you have the benefit of hand-picking exercises and techniques from what he’s already done and gotten incredible results from.

Despite being known for his massive arms as Thor, Chris has had to quickly adapt his body to quite a few extreme roles. He’s had to shed weight fast to play a starved mariner, bulk up again to look the part of a god, and somehow he maintains an athletic and functionally fit body in the meantime. The only thing he hasn’t had to do is pack on pounds of fat (but we doubt you’d want to read about how to do that).

The most important thing, as anyone will tell you (including Chris), is to commit to putting in the work to getting that body you’re after. Become your own nutritionist and put together a solid meal plan that will support you in your goals and stick to it. Be your own personal trainer and create a workout routine you can follow through on. Ultimately, put in the effort and the time and you will get to that body you’re after.

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