Adriana Lima Shares Selfie Without Makeup and Complains About Her Hard Work


Adriana Lima Shares Selfie Without Makeup

Even if you are not a big fan of fashion, you probably know that Adriana Lima is one of the most popular models (and actresses). She was born in Brazil and is best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has been active in the world of modeling since her teenage days.

Lima’s career blew up in 1999 so she moved to New York City. Even though Adriana is often praised for her charity work, she is also criticized for some of her views and certain part of her lifestyle. For instance, she is following a strict diet recommending to other models although many nutritionists branded this diet as extremely unhealthy.

In addition, she has complained several times about how hard modeling work is. Adriana shared more information with her fans. She said she was working for 10 hours during the day and the conditions of the location in which the shooting took place were very bad. Lima stated, “That’s why she has experienced headaches and continuous coughing.”

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Adriana Lima Still Loves Her Job…

Of course, Adriana pointed out that she loves her job. The post also includes a part where she talks about her two daughters (or princesses as she calls them) and how disappointed she is that the flight was delayed for three hours.

The post ends with Adriana’s comment that she knows that other people are working hard too and this is especially true for her coworkers. Recently period, Lima has worked on several projects and the latest one was the IWC Gala in Genève, Switzerland where she appeared with light-colored underwear.

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Adriana Lima Shares Beauty Secrets

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Lima shared some of her beauty secrets. According to one of the most popular models in the world, you can’t expect to look beauty if you are not happy. Of course, she believes that there are some foods and ingredients that can be helpful too like coconut water.

Adriana gave her interview before the start of the campaign for Decadence fragrance by Marc Jacob. The message sheshared with the world made some people angry, but the fact is that Adriana Lima is a true professional who just wanted to share her feelings.