Amazon Echo Review For Your Alexa Home Management


What is Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is Amazon’s entry into the home automation and control market and features innovative Alexa technology. Designed to not only work with every smart device in your home, but to listen to and fully comprehend your speech as well, the Echo makes it easier than ever to control your environment. Alexa Technology is designed to actively listen for commands (starting with the attention getting “Alexa!” and to respond at once.  Whether you ask for a recipe, your favorite tune or the latest news, Echo will perform a search based on your command and serve up the answers and information you need.

The Amazon Echo is an unassuming cylinder designed to work with any décor; simply set it up and leave it in the room you use most to start gaining the benefits of voice integration and control. Since Echo actively listens for you to ask for assistance, it is always ready to respond and provide whatever details or activity you need, from booking an Uber to buying extra fabric softener or Cheerios. By using an attention getting call name, the device can filter out external noise and conversation and respond to your commands.

The Amazon Echo is a stationary device that remains plugged in at all times, ready to respond as needed; it can integrate with your existing technology and works with your mobile device. This device works independently and is the big sibling of the Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Tap components.

Full Amazon Product Specs: Amazon Echo – Black

Make the Most of Amazon Echo

The Echo does a lot and learning just everything it can do will help you take advantage of these features. It is easy to have fun with your favorite parts – asking the weather, dialing up music or ordering takeout without leaving your chair, but if you don’t take the time to discover all the features, you’re missing out. Make sure you understand all that Echo can do and fully integrate it with the other smart devices in your home and any mobile devices you want it to work with, too.

Amazon Echo Accessories

The Amazon Echo Cover Stand and protective sleeve is a must for any home with pets or kits; this piece fits the Echo perfectly and prevents rolling. If your device is knocked over, it won’t be able to roll to the floor and potentially break if you have it inside one of these sleeves.

The Echo Voice Remote is an official Amazon product, not made by a third-party vendor, and allows you to connect with and communicate with your Echo, even when you are not in the same room. If you find yourself yelling “Alexa” to alert your Echo to a command, the remote allows you to interface a little easier and ensures your device can hear you, even if your home is noisy or crowded.

The Echo Portable Battery base allows you to untether your Echo from the wall and move about your home with it. For those with large or two story homes and only a single Echo device, this base provides more mobility and allows you to interact with your device without buying a separate speaker or multiple Echo Dot units.

The Amazon Echo is a good choice if you love the idea of getting the most from the technology that exists in your home and the convenience of hands free automation.

Potential Drawbacks of the Amazon Echo Dot

The tall, tubular shape of the Amazon Echo can cause it to topple and roll off surfaces If you are clumsy, have kids or curious pets, it is a good idea to place it out of reach.  The design and shape mean that the Echo needs to be on a flat open surface (it can’t hear you well if you place it behind a door or glass, so it could fall and is breakable.