Amazon Tap Review For Your Alexa Home Needs


What is Amazon Tap? A Moment in Review

Rolled out last fall (2016), the Amazon Tap is a member of the Alexa collection of products, which also includes the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot. This small, portable device features a Bluetooth speaker and easy wireless operation. In the original rollout, the user simply tapped the device to bring it to life; recent software upgrades also allow the Tap to perform by listening for commands as well.

The sleek modern styling makes this tall, vessel like device easy to find a home for and ensures it won’t clash with your décorThe Amazon Tap features the innovative Alexa virtual assistant and allows users to select from two modes of operation – the tap that the device was named for or the active listening offered by the Echo and Echo Dot.

Some users prefer the touch activation, while others enjoy the convenience of using a command word to ask the Tap for music, weather, news and more.

Make the Most of Amazon Tap at Home and on the Go

Used for its primary purpose – a Bluetooth speaker, the Amazon Tap performs well; its main draw is its flexibility and multitasking abilities. While another speaker brand might offer the same level of sound quality, it won’t have the Tap’s built in Alexa technology and capabilities. Instead of just listening to music, the Tap can check the news, search the Internet, check the pollen count or even find you a joke or movie quote.

Because the Amazon Tap is powered by Alexa, it can integrate with the other smart devices in your home, from your lightbulbs to your entertainment system and thermostat – and even your smart locks or fridge. Since Alexa is fully integrated with these other systems, the Tap is easy to incorporate into your existing setup or can easily work with other components as you add them over time.

The Tap’s portability makes it more appealing to users on the go; the similarly equipped Amazon Echo is designed to be a stationary device and to always be plugged in. Tap has a battery life of up to 8 hours, according to Amazon.

Amazon Tap Accessories

The Amazon Tap Sling Cover comes in a full range of colors and allows you to change the look of your device; the handy hook for hanging makes it easy to take your Tap with you and to secure it just about anywhere. Clip the tap to your bag or backpack, attach it to a tent or bed or just hang it on a hook while you work, do chores or relax.

The Sling Cover increases the Tap’s portability but still allows you to access controls and hear your music wherever you go. This cover also offers some protection if your kids or pets knock the Tap over or decide to play with it. A simple carabiner clip can secure this sling (and your Tap) for hands free operation on the go.

The Amazon Tap is a good choice if you have been wanting to try one of the Alexa lineup but still want the option of choosing active “always listening” mode or a more manual approach. It is also priced more affordably than the other components and its portability makes it a convenient choice if you have an active, on the go lifestyle.

Potential Drawbacks of the Amazon Tap

One of the biggest complaints about this device on rollout was the lack of an active listening, always on option. The latest software upgrade gave users the option of using the “tap” to activate or to allow the device to remain in active listening mode. The upgrade improved this device’s main flaw and increased its usability, without increasing the price point.

Like all the Alexa collection the Tap is not waterproof and should not be used in the shower or while swimming or bathing; if you hope to summon Alexa in the shower, you’ll need to wait for the next generation.