Exotic Gowns From Met Gala Red Carpet 2016


Exotic Gowns From The Met Gala

A legion of Hollywood stars in their exotic gowns, with flashing lights, and a whole lot of glitz and glamour: fashion’s biggest night out brought all that and more to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s red carpet to celebrate the newexhibition, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. And where the high-tech power gown met the art of haute couture magic bloomed wholly.

Some pushed the fashion boundaries, others chose to break all the imaginable rules, and a few played it beautifully safe. But it’s the most extraordinary of red carpet statements that call for a celebration, whether they took the technical road, or reveled in the workmanship of couture.

From 3D printed appliqués to fiber optics, from metallic armors to shards of flexiglass to a plethora of dazzling sequins, and from unexpected accessories throwing it back to the ‘90s to regal crowns to hair tattoos and golden eyebrows, the 2016 Met gala brought all the inspiration we could have hoped for. At the gallery, a look at the most unique red carpet moments.

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