Rescued Dog Now Lives A Luxurious Life

rescue dog lives luxuriously
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Popeye when he was a puppy roaming the road of La was satisfied by Ivy Diep. The puppy was fighting to find foods and now thanks to Diep the best cuisine is being eaten by him.

Latte from @theassemblycafe from straight back. Happy hump day! #popeyethefoodie Top and eyeglasses – @amazon

“I discovered him as a stray,” Diep distributed to Bored Panda. “He was such chaos – super lanky, greatly matted, filthy.”

Although Diep wasn’t seeking to add another puppy at the time to her household, she couldn’t allow Popeye carry on dwelling on the roads.

“It wasn’t a long time before he created himself at my spot with my dogs at home,” she described. “And needless to say, my loving husband and I fell in love with him.”

One of Diep’s buddies suggested she make an Instagram account fully for Popeye after offering a small makeover and a house to Popeye.

We are completely fine with sushi-burritos. Chicken and salmon katsu burritos from projectPokeco in Fountain Valley. #popeyethefoodie

Jen, “One of my buddies, proposed because he was adorable that I create an Instagram account. Shoot pictures of our meals and Jen and I liked to go on what we phone ‘Instagram dates’,” Diep mentioned. “I’d provide Popeye any time I can, and we understood he was extremely great around meals.”

She continued, “He care for this or actually doesn’t lunge. He only liked to be out. He’ll get nibbles of something that’s not dangerous for him. I take a bag of treats for him, in situation there’s no Thing he can have.”

Lobster noodles from Jasmine Residence in Alhambra for #nationalnoodleday #popeyethefoodie

Diep took Popeye and the guidance rapidly climbed to acclaim. The dog’s Instagram report has over 111K followers and now went viral quick. Take a look at some of the highclass dates Diep and Popeye have gone on under and follow the lovable pup on Instagram here.

The flashing “warm doughnuts now” tempted us in. #popeyethefoodie @krispy kreme in Town of Business.

This bowl from amazebowls in Down Town Los Angeles was tasty and quite. 👌🏻 and these are edible flowers.

Got the most elusive one of all – pikachurro! @theloopchurros in Westminster. #churro

Popeye respecting the latte artwork @eliteaudiocoffeebar by melaquino in San Fran.

Because it is we and #nationaldessertday do not fuss. Chocolate with marshmallows at @ and Spanish fashion churros amarachocolate in Pasadena. #popeyethefoodie

Heart eyes on the poochini at @shakeshack in Glendale. Adoring the support here. #popeyethefoodie #dogsofshack

Space, foods, and personnel – all at in La. #popeyethefoodie Yesterday’s brunch spread – scrambled egg and sea urchin panini, chicken sandwich, and pepperoni pizza with honey and chilis.

Customized chicken sandwich and a huge bowl of onion strings @thecounterburger in Pasadena.

He is significant about his carbohydrates. Chicken pesto pasta and breadsticks at rosecitypizza in Rosemead.